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"Ating Bahayis Tagalog for "Our House". In this workshop, we'll focus on the foundations of our birthwork practice as if we were building our own homes. 
  • What would our pillars look like? 
  • Do the windows face the light of inclusivity + decolonization?
  • Who do we welcome through our doors? 
  • Whose land are we rooted in?
  • What roof of values are we practicing under?
This workshop is for you if...
  • You're a new or emerging birthworker and would like to know where to begin. 
  • You're a practicing birthworker and want to shape yourself as a radical and anti-authoritarian birthworker.
  • Looking to practice under the decolonization of birthwork and reproductive justice. 
  • Further understand why birthwork is completely political and how to utilize this within your practice. 
  • Have questions about certification and scope of practice. 
  • Want to expand your resources. 
  • Looking to build connections and community with incredible folks + many more!
If you said yes to any of these - you're in the right place!
BONUS! Free 1:1 consult with me (1 hour) to chat about your personal practice, your goals, and ways I can support you in becoming the radical birthworker you dream yourself to be!

tiered pricing: $50, $60, and $75 USD

This workshop is offered on tiered pricing using the Green Bottle method. The fuller your bottle is, the more you are encouraged to pay a higher price in the scale.

Please refer to the image below to see where you may fall in the Green Bottle Scale. Click on the image to learn more.

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