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kapitbahay: Mentorship for emerging radical birthworkers

Kapitbahay is Tagalog for “neighbour”. It's a play on Ating Bahay, which translates to “our house”. While Ating Bahay, the workshop, focuses on building our radical practice as if we were building the foundations to our home; Kapitbahay, the mentorship, focuses on becoming a loving and supportive neighbour in our community while our foundations are being built! 


Kapitbahay is a four month exploration of practical and heart-centered ways of engaging with your radical practice!

You do not need experience in birthwork to be a part of this mentorship. 

may 2 - august 8
Mondays 5 - 7PM EST

Kapitbahay is a hybrid of weekly community mentorship calls (2hrs) as well as 1:1 personal calls (1hr) two times per month.
Communal learning is key in community building while also incorporating space for 1:1 chats to hone your personal goals and practice. Calls are recorded and live captioned. 


What we'll be exploring

May 2:
  • Naming Positionalities 
  • Dreaming of our Space - who are you supporting and what tools do you have in order to support these folks the best that you can? 

May 9:
  • Scope of Practice 
  • Certification 

May 16:
  • Creating Contracts 
  • Charging for Labour 

May 23: OFF - rest and recuperate!

May 30:
  • Birthwork in a Pandemic 
  • Boundaries 

June 6:
  • Roadmap of your Business - what are your offerings? How can we refine them? How will you make sure you are sustained in this work? 
  • Scarcity Mindset vs. Abundance Mindset

June 13:
  • Social media, Websites, and Branding 
  • Marketing 

June 20: OFF - rest and recuperate!

June 27:
  • Canva Tutorial 

July 4:
  • Resume Building 
  • Personal or Professional? Exploring the ways we present ourselves in online spaces. 

July 11:
  • Shame and Impostor Syndrome 
  • Ego Work 

July 18: OFF - rest and recuperate!

July 25:
  • First Clients and Consultations 

August 1:
  • When to Pause - exploring how we can keep the longevity in carework and avoiding burnout 

August 8:
  • Building Community 
  • Building Resources
  • Re-imagining Futures - manifesting your practice! 

perks during mentorship

  • 2 hour weekly community mentorship calls (3 weeks on, 1 week off)
  • 1 hour personal 1:1 calls two times per month to hone your personal goals + meeting you where you're at in your practice
  • Bio + offerings uplifted on Pocket Doula
  • Access to private Facebook group 

perks after mentorship

  • Become a part of the Pocket Doula directory 
  • Discount to 1:1 calls 
  • Discount to future and present Pocket Doula offerings 
  • Access to living resource list 

holding space for 7 folks

To ensure all folks are held and seen in this space as well as protecting my own capacities, there will be a small cohort of only 7 people. 

exchange: $900 or $765 (USD) 

$900 regular exchange

$765 for QTBIPGM folks (Queer and Trans Black, Indigenous, and People of the Global Majority), Ating Bahay alumni, and Patreon members! 
 Payment plans are available - 3 months or 6 months! 
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