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This section highlights my collaboration history with Cornerstone and the history of Cornerstone Birthwork Canada!


So, you're looking for the origin story of Cornerstone Birthwork x Pocket Doula? You've come to the right place!

The short story is, In 2019 I took my very first doula training with DONA (hated it).


In 2020, I took my second doula training with Cornerstone Birthwork, based in the US, to unlearn what I had been taught in my first training (loved it). I asked Nickie, the co-founder of Cornerstone, if I could take the foundation of Cornerstone Birthwork and build it in Canada. 


In 2021, I started a chapter of Cornerstone Birthwork in Canada and became Director of Cornerstone Birthwork Canada. 

Currently, Cornerstone Birthwork Canada offers Capstone Canada, a full spectrum birthwork training rooted in radical reproductive justice. In the near future, Cornerstone Birthwork Canada will be offering many more workshops and trainings centered around reproductive justice and health equity in Canada and all of its provinces and territories! 


If you're still here, I'm assuming you're curious to hear the long story 👀 Grab your popcorn cos here it goes!

I took my very first DONA training in 2019 and I really hated it. The way becoming a doula was being taught to me by their organization all felt like it was rooted in capitalism and serving white families... which is just not for me. I left my first training feeling disappointed and I stopped pursuing birthwork because I felt so jaded by my experience.

In 2020, the pandemic hit and lockdowns began. During lockdown, I stumbled upon Cornerstone Birthwork and was really blown away by how they spoke about births - specifically about how this work was radical, political, and justice-based. It was such a palate cleanser from what DONA had taught me. I saw that Cornerstone had virtual trainings and decided to join in. It was the best decision I made. 

Though I loved what I was learning, I still felt like there was a component missing in what I was being taught. Then one day, I got it. Since Cornerstone is US based, a lot of their teachings didn't apply to me in the Canadian context (I'm a settler in Canada). After finishing their full spectrum birthwork training, I went on Instagram and DMed Nickie, the co-founder of Cornerstone, and joked that they should open up a Canadian chapter of Cornerstone. A few weeks later, I was in a business call discussing the possibility of expanding to Canada with the rest of the Cornerstone team 🫢

In 2021, I became the Director of Cornerstone Birthwork Canada. We spent the better part of that year dreaming up what our Canadian chapter would look like. That summer into fall, I was reaching out and building relationships with the folks who would be our current collaborators in Cornerstone Birthwork Canada today!


In 2022, we launched our offering: Capstone Canada, a radical and robust full spectrum birthwork training full of incredible modules centered around reproductive justice. Capstone Canada is the sibling of Capstone US, which was the training I took! The best part? All module facilitators and educational pieces are based in the Canadian context so we can learn more about reproductive justice within our provinces and territories. 

In 2023, Capstone Canada has been taken by nearly 100 students since our launch in 2022. I've still got big dreams for Cornerstone Birthwork Canada and eventually I'd like to expand our courses and trainings! Capstone Canada will forever be my first baby, but I'm ready to explore creating more courses and meaningful trainings that can be explored by folks who are curious about reproductive justice and health in Canada. 



Re-imagining the future of radical and political birthwork in a 13 week program. Each week, we touch on topics surrounding reproductive justice and full spectrum birthwork such as Supporting Sex Workers, Supporting Incarcerated Birthing People, Disability Justice, Queer Reproductive Care, Harm Reduction, Abortion Support and more! 

You don't need to a birthworker or doula to sign up. As long as you're interested in reproductive carework, this course is for you! Calling in all nurses, doulas, parents, nannies, child careworkers, PSWs, healthcare providers, students - everyone! 


  • March 19 - June 11: Sundays from 12 - 2:30PM EST 

  • September 17 - December 10: Sundays from 12 - 2:30PM EST 

Click 'sign up' to learn more!

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