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I utilize a hybrid of PWYC (Pay What You Can), sliding scales, tiered pricing, and payment plans. Please check in with each offering to see which payment option is being used. For sliding scale and tiered pricing options, refer to the Green Bottle Method to find out where to place yourselves and your capacities. Prices are subjected to tax (HST 13%).


Supporting folks, independent businesses, and organizations in birthing and co-creating projects centered around reproductive justice. 


(10 Hours: $2000; 25 Hours: $4500; and 40 Hours: $7500)

If you’ve been planting seeds about an idea but don’t know how to move forward with it, have a creative project you’d like to workshop, or would like to update the current systems and narratives set in place in your current business, practice, or organization - I can support you through all of these transitions!

How can we co-conspire together?

  • Time-based (monthly, yearly, weekly) project outline

  • Strategizing social media communications and marketing

  • Brainstorming ways to update structures and systems in place

  • Workshopping ideas and how to implement them

  • Strategizing brand aesthetics, colours, imagery

  • .... and more!

To learn more about Project Doula and becoming a Pocket Project/Pocket Partner, click the link below. 


13 week hybrid (Zoom) full spectrum birthwork training alongside Cornerstone Birthwork.


$767; 3 and 6 payment plans available. 

Capstone Canada is a 13 week program designed to re-imagine the future of political and radical birthwork and deepen our understanding of reproductive justice in the Canadian context. 

All folks are invited to join on our training - you do not need to be a doula in order to join. An understanding of birth is welcomed, but not necessary. 

We'll be exploring the topics of: 

  • Abortion Support 

  • Gender Affirming Surgery and Transition

  • Queer Reproductive Care 

  • Indigenous Reproductive Care + Disability Justice 

  • Harm Reduction

  • ... and more!  

To learn more about the Cornerstone Birthwork x Pocket Doula relationship click this button. 


Tailored mentorship for emerging and practicing careworkers to step into political and decolonial birthwork and reproductive justice.


(Dependent on your financial capacities, budget, and what you would like to receive from our mentorship.)

No matter where you are landing in your carework journey, you deserve support throughout all of your many transitions. ​

In our individualized mentorship/coaching, we will come up with a strategy plan that is tailored to your needs and capacities. Together, we will build a mentorship that targets your specific questions and goals. 

Timelines for these mentorships are flexible. Ideally, we would meet regularly for check ins, skills building, skills sharing, and debriefing at least once a month or more. Skills we can build throughout our mentorship can be discussed during our free consultation. To chat, book a session below!


1 hour Zoom meeting to answer your questions and curiosities. 


($40 - $100/hour)

Have questions about becoming a radical birthworker? Want to pick my brain about community organizing or queer reproductive care? "Pick My Brain" consultations is a 1 hour Zoom meeting where you're invited to ask your questions and voice your curiosities.

Consults can look like: 

  • Roadmapping your business as a radical birthworker 

  • Tips on entering the carework world 

  • Answering questions on community organizing and brainstorming how organizing may look for you 

  • Looking into birthwork/carework trainings or offerings together and seeing which one may suit you best 

  • ... and more!


Guidance offering for emerging radical birthworkers in a weekend workshop.


($50, $60, and $75)

This workshop is an offering for emerging birthworkers who wish to have guidance in stepping into the birthwork community as radical, inclusive, and anti-oppressive doulas.


This is also for currently practicing birthworkers who would like to approach birthwork in the lens of anti-racism and decolonization. This workshop is for anyone and everyone who is curious about birthwork.

Workshop includes: 

  • 2 hr and 30 min setting with breaks 

  • Small class cohorts (20 people max) 

  • Recorded and live-captioned

  • Access to radical resource list 

  • 1:1 hour Zoom meeting offering to chat more about your own personal practice


Support for emerging birthworkers in radicalizing their practice during a 4 month mentorship. 


($900 or $765)

Kapitbahay is a mentorship for emerging radical doulas. In this offering, we meet every week (3 weeks on, 1 week off) for 4 months as we explore practical and heart-centered ways of engaging with your practice. 

We explore the topics of:

  • Positionalities

  • Contracts + Resume Building

  • Impostor Syndrome + Ego Work 

  • First Clients + First Consults 

  • How Much to Charge for Labour 

  • Scope of Practice

  • ... and more! 

Mentorship details: 

  • $900 Regular or $765 for QTBIPGM folks (Queer + Trans Black, Indigenous, and People of the Global Majority), Patreon members, and Ating Bahay alumni 

  • 2 hour weekly community mentorship calls + 1 hour 1:1 personal calls 2 times per month 


Support for birthing person and family before baby is born.


($1200 - $1650)

Whether you decide to birth at home, in a hospital or birthing centre, I will be right beside you.

Package includes:

  • 3 prenatal meetings (educational support + resources).

  • Creating a Birth Preferences List.

  • On call from 37 weeks. 

  • Full attendance of birth.

  • 1 Postpartum Visit (2 hours) within the first 2 weeks after birth.

  • Continuous phone, text, and emails throughout pregnancy until 2 weeks postpartum. 


Support for birthing person and family after baby is born.


($300 - $600)

Nurturing and non-judgemental emotional and physical support. 

Package includes:

  • 12 hours. 

  • Emotional support for whole family.

  • Educational support + resources. 

  • Light housekeeping, cooking, meal preps, breastfeeding/body feeding support, baby care. 

  • Continuous phone, text, emails. throughout postpartum until 2 weeks after last postpartum shift.

  • Additional hours after 12 hours is on a sliding scale of $25 - $40/hour.


Support for birthing person and family before and after baby is born.


($1800 - $2400)

In all the moments between birth and beyond, I'm your person. From emotional, to physical, to educational - I'm here. 

Package includes:

  • 3 prenatal meetings  (educational support + resources).

  • Creating a Birth Preferences List.

  • On call from 37 weeks. 

  • Full attendance of birth.

  • 12 hours postpartum (3 - 4 hours per session).

  • Continuous phone, text, and email support throughout birth and postpartum until 2 weeks after last postpartum shift.


Creating + discussing what works best for you and your needs.


​($75 - $120)

  • Creating a Birth Preferences List (most commonly referred to as a birth plan).

  • 1:1 virtual call discussing birth preferences and what to include in the list.

  • In depth guide on learning interventions and different options that may be presented in the birth room. 

  • Creating a virtual and physical copy of your preferences to send to your providers.


Showing up for however way you need most. This is all about you. 


  • Continuous support throughout your journey.

  • Holding space and accommodating your needs by companionship, meals, documenting, witnessing, etc.


One hour session available in person or by distance.


($65 - $100)

Soft and intentional energy work. Includes a sweet meet and greet by phone or video chat prior to the session so we can become acquainted and comfortable with each other, optional guided meditation during the session, and a check-in chat after one week.

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